Mobile power station

Trailer-type mobile power station is divided into two structures: single-axle two-wheel full-hanging type and two-axle four-wheel semi-hanging type according to different power. Spring damping device is used between the main body of the generator set and the driving mechanism. In order to ensure that the mobile power station has sufficient mobility and safety when transferring on the normal road, the mobile power station above 200kW is equipped with a braking device to ensure safety. The trailer mobile power station is designed as an integrated structure and can be used immediately after being towed to the destination. The outer cover of the mobile power station is sealed and rainproof, equipped with air inlet and outlet duct, shutter and drainage device to adapt to all-weather outdoor use. The outer cover is equipped with working doors on both sides, and special door locks are adopted to ensure the safe use of the unit. There is an observation window on the side of the outer cover, and a fuel tank and a storage battery are provided. The fuel tank can provide the mobile power station with full load operation for 24 hours. According to customer requirements, cable drums, cable plug boxes and other related equipment can be installed, and can also be designed as a low-noise trailer mobile power station.


Mobile power station

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