Diesel generator set oil smoke color to see the fault

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China's Large Diesel Engine Development Steadily Advancing the Establishment of Three Major Centers

Shanghai Aircraft Customer Service Co., Ltd., China's first modern aviation high-tech enterprise with large diesel engines and regional aircraft customer service as its main content, was established in Shanghai. The large-scale diesel engine R & D center established with Shanghai Aircraft Design and Research Institute as the core and the large-scale diesel engine manufacturing center established on the basis of Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Plant are also accelerating the establishment.


Six points that must be paid attention to when installing diesel generator sets

This article will briefly introduce six points that must be paid attention to when installing diesel generator sets:


China's power investment and new capacity structure is optimized.

In 2009, the growth rate of electric power production and consumption rebounded nationwide; the growth rate of electric power investment increased, the structure was optimized, the new installed capacity continued to maintain a large scale, the development of non fossil energy power generation accelerated, and the power technology made important breakthroughs; the national supply capacity was sufficient, and the hourly decline rate of power generation equipment utilization was narrowed.


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